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Conference floor Hall 2

The conference level is located in the central part of the EXPO XXI Warsaw venue, on the first floor in Hall 2. It comprises conference rooms A, B and C, together with auxiliary rooms 3, 10 and 23.

The conference level has space for up to 820 participants depending on arrangements. All conference rooms are fitted with conference equipment (the precise equipment found in each room can be found in the detailed descriptions of individual rooms). There is a spacious foyer located in front of rooms A, B and C, which is perfect for conference receptions, coffee breaks or snacks. The load capacity of the floor in the conference rooms is 500kg/m².
Plug sockets and other connections are found on the conference room walls. The conference rooms have several independent safety systems:

  • Smoke and temperature detectors
  • Two independent emergency exits
  • Handheld fire extinguishers and hoses
  • Emergency doors

Foyer and corridor
The foyer is approx. 300m² in area.
Max. number of people: 300
Decoration: walls - light yellow pastel; floor - light beige terracotta tiles; ceiling - white panels
Height of the foyer: 3.29m
Height of the corridor: 2.96m

Conference floor Hall 2 - view from the top

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Summary of the ICCA Central European Chapter Meeting’s educational program

Are we threatened by "neomania"? How to adopt marketing strategies to a constantly changing world? Can artificial intelligence be controlled? Which values shall we consider when organizing future congresses or conventions?


Warsaw and EXPO XXI win bid to host European Psychiatric Congress (EPA) in in 2019!

Over 3000 European and international psychiatrists and experts will visit the capital of Poland for 4 days in April 2019


EXPO XXI Warsaw wins a bid to organize Congress of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association WSAVA 2020!

Thanks to the efforts of the EXPO XXI Warsaw and the support of the Warsaw Convention Bureau, another large international congress with over 3,000 delegates from around the world, will be held in 2020 in the capital of Poland. ...

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