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Hall 4

The new hall with an area of almost 4000 sq m has been built on the corner of the Pradzynskiego and Bema Str.
in the Wola district right next to the existing EXPO XXI Warsaw. The new building consist of a multifunctional hall, two
separate entrance halls, a conference room, two toilet facilities and storage rooms.
The hall is equipped with a sound-proof 10 m high wall.

Dimensions of the hall: length 93.5 m, width 38.5 m

Usable area: 3600 sq m

Uable height: 10 m


The hall floor is covered with heavy tiles of increased durability, which means that no additional floor covering is
required during the events. The load-bearing capacity of the floor is 6 tons/sq m.
Hall no 4 have 5 cargo gates: 4 cargo gates with a height of 4,3 m and 4.6 m width, the
5th special cargo gate with a width of 4,6 m and height of 5 m.


The hall has a system of media channels spaced out and parallel to its longer side, which are used to distribute
installations and media systems.


The media channels contain:
- electric installation
- water and sewage system
- telephone and Internet installation.


Hall no 4 is equipped with several independent safety systems, such as:
1. smoke and temperature detection system
2. sprinkler system
3. sound alert system
4. emergency fire equipment, i.e. hydrants and fire extinguishers
5. 16 fire escape doors around the hall.


A major element which is advantageous when it comes to the organization of events is the possibility of hanging
lements of decoration, lighting, or advertising on the hall's roof structure. The total load-bearing capacity of the roof
structure for hanging in Hall no 4 is 45 tons (from 1.5 to 13 tons on each beam).
The hall can accommodate 3,600 people at any one time, depending on the type of event and the decorations and equipment in use.

Hall 4 - view from the top

Hall 4

Hall 4 - examples of arrangement

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