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Premiere of new Volvo models in the EXPO XXI Warszawa

Premiere of new Volvo models in the EXPO XXI Warszawa

On the 11th to 13th March EXPO XXI Warszawa, became the place of one of the most important automotive events of the year. The Polish premiere of two new Volvo models. Friends and supporters of the brand had the opportunity to see the elegant S90 saloon and the V90 estate.


The S90 car was first shown to a wider audience at this year's Motor Show NAIAS in Detroit, the V90 estate came to light at the prestigious Geneva car show. The Polish premiere took place just 10 days after the event, and a model of Western presentation, inbound with set design and special effects. This year not only invited guests could see this, but anyone who decided to visit the EXPO XXI. March 11th press premiere of the release of new cars, the next day was the premiere for the potential customers. On the evening premiere of the Volvo S90 and V90, arrived large numbers Polish celebrities among them, Robert Gonera, Tomasz Baranski, Ewa Gawryluk, Waldemar Blaszczyk, Olga Borys, Wojciech Majchrzak and Eve Kuklińska. The event was hosted by Maciej Kurzajewski, who personally is a user and fan of the brand. The background music was provided Slawek Uniatowski with his band. The last day of the event, on March 13, was open to the general public. Every lover of the range of cars could see for themselves, the unique technical solutions and elegant design of the new Volvo models.


Volvo is an alternative for those motorists who value high safety standards, design and up to date motoring solutions. The brand belongs to the premium segment of the market, which naturally defines the target groups. Volvo uses all methods of communication that allows it to reach out to its target audience. This was one of those events at EXPO XXI where it presented of the latest models, such as the S90 and V90. This year's event lasted three days and the first time was open to all lovers of the Volvo. In two days we were visited by over 1,600 people, and we are very pleased with the turnout - said, Stanislaw Dojs, PR Manager, Volvo Cars Poland.


The event was organised by Volvo Cars Poland, the realization of the event was completed by the agency, Ministry of Creativity. Both companies drew attention to the conditions necessary for organizing such events as the presentation of new car models. Prestigious event requires an exceptional setting and spectacular scenery. Exposure of cars is also associated with a number of logistical challenges, which must meet the selected location, among others, availability gate station entrance allowing vehicles to enter the building and the floor of sufficient capacity, which will allow them to safely present. All this to the Polish premiere of new Volvo models was as unique and prestigious as the first presentations from world and European audience.


We had the pleasure to realize a dozen premier automotive and each of them was really a huge challenge. Manufacturers depend on a spectacular show of the new cars, but in conjunction with an interesting idea for the event itself. That's why we were looking for an entity that will allow us to build without restrictions sound, lighting, media and set design. EXPO XXI Warszawa is our favourite location for the realization of events. It has everything we expected, space, floors, ceilings of high capacity, modern technical facilities. It has without exception a professional technical team and a really big support from the employees. All technical issues and logistics are handled right away and without any problems - commented on the preparations for the event Mariusz Nowak, President of event agency Ministry of Creativity.


New models of the Volvo S90 and V90 will be commercially available, this summer.


About EXPO XXI Warszawa

EXPO XXI Warszawa is a modern venue on the map of the capital, prepared to handle all kinds of events in a professional way. The popular and easy to access location, at 12/14 Prądzyńskiego Street which handles more than 200 different events a year, including exhibitions, conferences, closed events, fashion shows, seminars, banquets, fairs, cultural and sports events and concerts. EXPO XXI Warszawa is visited by several hundred thousand people annually.


The main part of EXPO XXI was launched in September 2001, and in 2009 it was extended with Hall number 4. Currently EXPO XXI Centre offers its guests more than 20.000 sq.meters of specialized surfaces, as well as 13.500 sq.meters of floor area in four halls, 1500 sq.meters, in ten conference and meeting rooms, as well as 5000 sq.meters of external exhibition areas with a car park for 1500 cars. The buildings are fully adapted to serve the needs of the disabled.


EXPO XXI Warszawa is a professional partner in business, offering the highest quality event space to be individually arranged and a number of additional services related to the organization of special events, including the installations of exhibition stands and equipment, screens, audio systems, catering, advertisement and multimedia plus arranging hotel accommodation close by. The biggest asset of EXPO XXI is its experience with a proven team of professionals. To meet the growing interest of foreign customers it has been expanded. Also, a special department specializing in services and attracting international events has been created.


The high standard and quality of EXPO XXI services is confirmed by the professional trade associations that the object is a member of: UFI, ICCA, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, the Warsaw Tourist Organisation, Association of Event Industry and the Association of Employers of Warsaw and Mazovia.


EXPO XXI Warszawa belongs to the Sapphire Group, the owner of the company EXPO XXI, Blue Business Media, Sapphire Ventures.


For more information contact:
Dominika Socha TBWA PR
mobile: +48 696 865 343

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