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EXPO XXI Warszawa has initiated cooperation with the National Chamber of Commerce

EXPO XXI Warszawa, one of the most renowned multivenue in the capital city of Poland, signed a cooperation agreement with the National Chamber of Commerce. The agreement, commenced at the beginning of March this year, is aimed at exchanging experiences, providing mutual support in the promotion of Poland as an attractive business destination and building the competitiveness of Polish entrepreneurs abroad.


EXPO XXI Warszawa is one of the most professional event venues in Warsaw and an expert actively engaged in the promotion of Poland as an attractive destination for business and tourism. During over 15 years of activity EXPO XXI has joined numerous prestigious branch organisations, both local and international, such as the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, Warsaw Tourism Organisation, Event Industry Association, Polish Conference and Congress Association, UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) as well as ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). Undertaking these initiatives, EXPO XXI acts as Polish ambassador, supporting the development of the national industry of conventions and attracting to Poland interesting exhibitions and congress events of international scope.


The National Chamber of Commerce is the biggest independent business organisation in Poland, with approximately 160 chambers of commerce, social organisations and enterprises engaged in work for the economic development of Poland. Its primary objective is to promote the country and improve its image on the international arena as well as creating favourable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in Poland.For this purpose, the National Chamber of Commerce is implementing a number of scientific, educational and business projects, among others,trainings, research projects, conferences and activities which support branch initiatives.


In their daily activity, EXPO XXI Warszawa and the National Chamber of Commerce are guided by the principles of transparency and fair competition, striving to promote Poland as a credible and attractive partner in business. The signing of a cooperation agreement opens up a path for exchanging the experiences and implementing common long-term projects that support this goal. Major areas of cooperation include, among others, research and advisory activities for local entrepreneurs and foreign companies interested in investments in Poland, organisation of seminars and conferences devoted to entrepreneurship development, implementation of actions promoting Polish tourism as well as preparation of programs which allows an exchange of knowledge and business contacts with guests from abroad.


We enjoy the opportunity for initiating closer cooperation with the National Chamber of Commerce. We are united in our common goal, attitude to business as well as the desire to promote Poland among foreign guests and create possibilities for Polish companies to present their offers abroad. EXPO XXI Warszawa for more than 15 years has been working hard to build a strong position that it currently holds on the market of Warsaw event venues. That is why we particularly appreciate the value of this kind of cooperation and the chance to exchange knowledge and contacts – said Żaneta Berus, President of EXPO XXI Warszawa.


About EXPO XXI Warszawa

EXPO XXI Warszawa is a modern venue on the map of the capital, prepared to handle all kinds of events in a professional way. The popular and easy to access location, at 12/14 Prądzyńskiego Street which handles more than 200 different events a year, exhibitions, conferences, closed events, fashion shows, seminars, banquets, fairs, cultural and sports events as well as concerts. EXPO XXI Warszawa is visited by several hundred thousand people annually.


The main part of EXPO XXI was launched in September 2001, and in 2009 it was extended with Hall number 4. Currently EXPO XXI Centre offers its guests more than 20.000 sq. meters of specialized surfaces, 13.500 sq. meters of floor area in four halls, 1500 sq.meters, in ten conference halls, meeting rooms as well as 5000 sq.meters of external exhibition areas with a car park for 1500 cars. The buildings are fully adapted to serve the needs of the disabled.


EXPO XXI Warszawa is a professional partner in business, offering a highest quality event space to be individually arranged and a number of additional services related to the organisation of special events, including the installation of exhibition stands and equipment, screens, audio systems, catering, advertisement and multimedia plus arranging hotel accommodation close by. The biggest asset of EXPO XXI is its experience with a proven team of specialists, which has been extended to meet the demands resulting from the increasing use of foreign clients.


The EXPO XXI is a member of several professional trade organisations with the highest standards. UFI, ICCA, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, Warsaw Tourism Organisation, Event Industry Association and Warsaw and Mazovia Employers Association.. EXPO XXI Warszawa belongs to the Sapphire Group, also the owner of Blue Business Media and Sapphire Ventures.


More information is available from:
Dominika Socha TBWA PR
mobile: +48 696 865 343

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