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Summary of 2014 in EXPO XXI Warszawa

Annual summary by Żaneta Berus, CEO of Warsaw Expocentre EXPO XXI

Summary of 2014 in EXPO XXI Warszawa

January is the time of summaries and wrapping-up important things of the past year. For EXPO XXI Warszawa it has been a unique year in many ways. That is why we decided to reflect on our work, interesting events and trends, which we observed in 2014.


Despite current economic conditions, which still are not favorable, this year EXPO XXI Warszawa hosted 38 fairs and more than 100 other special events – congresses, conferences, events, products presentations, concerts and even film productions.


It is worth to start with mentioning well known, recurring fairs such as AUTOMATICON, Rema Days, Zieleń to Życie, Retail Show, Shopping Center Forum, Festiwal Marketingu, Fleet Market and Złoto Srebro Czas.
In addition 2014 was a year of many interesting debuts in the fair segment. Our observation indicates that most of the organizers recorded an increase in number of exhibitors and area of their stands, which shows dynamic development of enterprise and an increasing and stronger economy. Organizers themselves emphasized that the market is becoming more mature and exhibitors choose events more carefully. In the recurring fairs we observed an emerging trend of presenting products and services on unique, custom designed stands, constructed for specific needs of clients. It is a good sing for the current year, in which economic situation is expected to be much better.


We are very content that many 2014 debutants decided to organize their events in EXPO XXI Warszawa.
It is important, because it shows confidence in work of our venue, strength of its brand, good reputation and high quality of services we provide.
One of the good examples is WorldFood Warsaw. It is first event of this kind in the capital of Poland, dedicated to the entire food sector – from production to final product and its distribution. The event was well received by the industry, with over 3.000 visitors from 37 different countries. The fair hosted almost 100 exhibitors from 24 countries, 131 journalists and representatives of international industry institutions. The event was also attended by special guests – embassy representatives from i.e.: Great Britain, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Peru, Chile and Thailand.
Another novelty on the Polish market was the Mobility Reseller Days 2014 fair. First event of this kind in the industry, gathered companies and entrepreneurs working in the new technologies sector from Central and Eastern Europe. The idea behind Mobility Reseller Days is to establish stronger partnership and trade relations between Polish and foreign representatives of the industry as well as to develop business culture. Additionally, exhibitors and visitors had a chance of extending their knowledge about development of local distribution channels and partnership programs.
With a debut of the Esthetic Show, the cosmetics industry has returned to EXPO XXI after a year of break. This event addressed to professionals gathered 92 exhibitors and over 3.000 visitors. The fair was accompanied by four conferences attended by 1.200 people.
It is worth to mention two successful fair debuts dedicated to the fitness industry. First event - FIWE was dedicated to professionals, while the second one - Fit & Sport in November to general public. We are also very glad, that organizers of all debuting fairs announced new editions of their events, which indicates right choice of theme and venue.


EXPO XXI Warszawa is a modern multifunctional venue that provides its space to organizers of diverse promotional events, meetings, conventions as well as film productions. In 2014 EXPO XXI was selected to host conventions of the two leading political parties – PiS and PO. Famous cosmetic brand Mary Kay decided to organize its largest annual convention for over 2.500 representatives from all Europe in our venue. For the second time we’ve hosted a computer game tournament - Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Warsaw. Thanks to our modern technological solutions EXPO XXI is a perfect place to organize this kind of events. In 2014 EXPO XXI also became a catwalk for fashion shows such as Warsaw Fashion Weekend in April and the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Bohoboco in November. In 2014 we had also a chance to entertain famous Desperados Endless Night party for over 2.500 people, during which our halls filled with positive vibe of club and electro music. Finally, the new edition of Shale Gas convention and exhibition attracted over 3.000 participants.


2014 also proved that EXPO XXI Warszawa is extremely popular also among organizer of corporate events. One of the most memorable events was the Business Fair Play Gala with live performance of the singer Katarzyna Skrzynecka, organized by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. This year we also hosted movie studios, which decided to use our venue as the shooting site for a movie titled “Wkręceni 2” and a new PLAY mobile network advertisement.


We are also proud to announce our newest initiative full of Christmas atmosphere – in 2014 EXPO XXI became an official partner of the Mazovian Noble Box branch. During the weekend of December 13-14 in Hall 3 we accommodated one of the largest distribution warehouses and media warehouse of this fantastic charity action, which brings together thousands of Poles to help poorest families, children and elders in the whole country.


Lastly, we would like to point out several positive trends and changes in the event industry in previous year. One of the things going in a very positive direction is an increasing number of interesting events in Warsaw. It is good to emphasize the normous commitment of newly created Warsaw Tourism Organization, which supports the industry in acquiring new conference clients. Another positive thing is changing attitude of Warsaw authorities, which start to understand the needs of the industry and to recognize its potential. With a sufficient support, Warsaw has a potential to become equally recognizable event destination as other European cities. We also notice an increasing activity of Association of the Events Industry, which has a potential to unite the industry, and needs only a little organization and systematization of certain activities.
I hope that my election to the SBE authorities is a sign of trust in me and my experience, which comes with years of work with organizers of special events.


It is really difficult to describe all interesting projects that took place in 2014 in EXPO XXI Warszawa and events, which had united the whole Polish event industry. We believe that the number, diversity and creativity of organizers, shows what the MICE industry really is. We hope that their growing activity and optimistic economic forecasts will bring good fortune for the year 2015.


About EXPO XXI Warsaw


EXPO XXI Warsaw Is a modern place on the map of Warsaw, prepared for all kinds of events. The popular and well-liked property located along Prądzyńskiego 12/14 Street, visitors per year more than 200 different kinds of events, including exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, seminars, banquets, fairs, cultural and sports events and concerts. Annually EXPO XXI Warsaw is visited by several hundred thousand people.


The main part of the EXPO XXI was opened in September 2001, in 2009 the building was expanded of hall No. 4. Currently EXPO XXI Warsaw offers guests more than 20 000 sqm area, including 13 500 sqm of space in four halls, 1 500 sqm within ten conference rooms and rooms for talks and 5000 sqm outdoor parking on 1500 cars. The building is fully accessible to the needs of people with disabilities.


EXPO XXI Warsaw is a professional business partner offering the highest quality space for events to individual arrangement and number of additional services related to the organization of the events, including installations, sound, catering and accommodation. The biggest capital of EXPO XXI is an experience and a proven team of professionals.


The high standard and quality of EXPO XXI services confirm local and international organizations that the object is a member of: UFI, ICCA, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, Warsaw Tourist Organization, Association of Employers of Warsaw and Mazovia and the Association of the Events Industry. EXPO XXI Warsaw belongs to Sapphire Group, owner of the company EXPO XXI Warsaw, Blue Business Media and Sapphire Ventures.



Additional informations:

Dominika Socha TBWA PR 
tel.: +48 22 457 06 80 
kom.: +48 696 865 343 

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