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The new face of EXPO XXI Warsaw

The new face of EXPO XXI Warsaw – new logo, name and communication strategy

Dear Sirs,

We should like to share with you the positive changes that have taken place at EXPO XXI over the past several months. We are pleased to inform you that from the beginning of November EXPO XXI is changing its name, logo and visual communications. Our new image is connected to a strategy being implemented since September to reposition our facility from a trade-fair speciality to a multi-venue approach.


Intensive efforts on EXPO XXI's new communication strategy took several months to complete. The changes have affected the visual communications as well as the firm's sales and marketing activities. Since November we are using a new logo and name – EXPO XXI Warsaw. The shortening and simplification of our previous name have been the result of our active communication efforts targeting not only at Polish clients, but also at foreign ones. The new EXPO XXI logo was inspired on the one hand by the facility's most recognisable element, the main building's façade, and on the other hand – by current design trends involving colour to emphasise the building's modern, multi-purpose nature.


The new strategy and changes in visual identification were motivated by EXPO XXI's natural evolution from an essentially trade and congress site to a multi-venue facility. For some time now, specifically from the time when Hall No. 4 was built, we have prepared its interior and infrastructure to service a wide variety of events – concerts, congresses, exhibitions, galas and soirées. The changes have therefore gone beyond the logo and colour scheme to create an entirely new position for EXPO XXI Warsaw. We are already one of the most frequently chosen venues for company galas and events; it was at EXPO XXI that this year's edition of the Desperados Endless Night Party was held. Shortly our new image will get reaffirmed by fashion and lifestyle events. In November we play host to a presentation of the latest collection of Bohoboco, and in December to the Grand Finale of the Miss Polonia Competition.


The change in EXPO XXI's communication strategy will be implemented in two stages. By the end of 2014, the new logo, name and colour scheme will be applied to all company and sales materials. In 2015, the changes will also encompass the buildings of EXPO XXI Warsaw, which are due to get new markings and décor.



About EXPO XXI Warsaw


EXPO XXI Warsaw Is a modern place on the map of Warsaw, prepared for all kinds of events. The popular and well-liked property located along Prądzyńskiego 12/14 Street, visitors per year more than 200 different kinds of events, including exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, seminars, banquets, fairs, cultural and sports events and concerts. Annually EXPO XXI Warsaw is visited by several hundred thousand people.


The main part of the EXPO XXI was opened in September 2001, in 2009 the building was expanded of hall No. 4. Currently EXPO XXI Warsaw offers guests more than 20 000 sqm area, including 13 500 sqm of space in four halls, 1 500 sqm within ten conference rooms and rooms for talks and 5000 sqm outdoor parking on 1500 cars. The building is fully accessible to the needs of people with disabilities.


EXPO XXI Warsaw is a professional business partner offering the highest quality space for events to individual arrangement and number of additional services related to the organization of the events, including installations, sound, catering and accommodation. The biggest capital of EXPO XXI is an experience and a proven team of professionals.


The high standard and quality of EXPO XXI services confirm local and international organizations that the object is a member of: UFI, ICCA, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, Warsaw Tourist Organization, Association of Employers of Warsaw and Mazovia and the Association of the Events Industry. EXPO XXI Warsaw belongs to Sapphire Group, owner of the company EXPO XXI Warsaw, Blue Business Media and Sapphire Ventures.

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